Instruction and Clinics

Instruction and Clinics

by Dressage Coaching Inge Coenen

The primary goal of Dressage Coaching Inge Coenen is to bring the overall level of horses and riders to a higher level. We do this with lots of passion, commitment and care. Due to Inge’s extensive experience in (inter)national dressage sports, she can give riders clear advice and so get the best out of every jump and dressage combination.

Instruction by Dressage Coaching Inge Coenen is available in various forms. Please contact us for further information and we are always happy to discuss your individual needs.

Dressage lessons

At present, our main focus is on dressage instruction for the ambitious dressage or jump rider. However, the main goal remains unchanged: “Getting the best out of every horse and rider“. In addition, we guarantee a correct and fair way of working by creating a PDP (Personal Development Plan) for each individual combination. This will clarify the thread in the training and show your progress and highlight any possible areas of difficulty.

Dressage Coaching Inge Coenen believes that dressage instruction consists of two parts;
On the one hand, the performance, physique and qualities of the horse and, on the other hand, the mindset and qualities of the rider. Ultimately, attention must be paid to both components in order to achieve an optimally functioning combination.

The horse: In order to develop the muscle structure as well as possible, we take into account the construction and character of the horse. The aim is to train the horse in such a way that it responds smoothly to the rider’s leg aids, is loose through the body, and with the correct posture and movement. Good training combined with good stabling, a regular routine, and balanced nutrition will keep your horse in top condition. Dressage Coaching Inge Coenen and her extensive network make this an important part of our dressage instruction.

The rider: Of course the rider is the other important part of the combination. During the classes, much attention is therefore paid to the rider’s actions. Furthermore, organizing specific sitting lessons is an opportunity to create even more awareness for the rider and to ensure a correct posture.

In order to successfully bring these two factors together, Inge has followed various courses and training programmes in which instruction and coaching were important, obviously with a strong link to equestrian sport.

  • Masterclass Deurne (Level 4).
  • Course Coaching / mental training, Protask Rico Schuijers
  • Several jury courses

The combination of these training courses and years of experience as a dressage rider at national level has enabled Inge to develop her own specific philosophy and important communication skills with which she can help young and experienced riders to improve faster or become more successful. Inge remains active as a jury member and regularly watches top trainers at work to learn from them.

We trust that the above information has been of interest to you and we look forward to welcoming you at Dressage Coaching Inge Coenen. Individual lessons can be booked for: 30, 45 or 60 minutes. At the moment we have both an indoor and outdoor training arena at our disposal, but it is also possible to teach at your location. For further possibilities, fees, etc., please contact us.


Providing clinics at home and abroad is also a possibility. In addition to test practice clinics and riding a test with live commentary, followed immediately by further instruction, various other forms of clinic are also possible. Please contact us to discuss your wishes and possibilities – free of any obligation.